Make Your Own Dress Patterns

Which designer dress does not fill us with a sense of like and subsequent want, but it may always not be affordable. If you are thinking that no dresses are the ones that give you a perfect fit or are not according to the design you want then get hold of pattern making tools and make your own dress patterns! Nothing is difficult in this world and you get adequate information and working tools online as well as manuals to learn pattern designing that's going to give you that ultimate beautiful dress you always wanted. Instead of waiting learn this sewing art and get going!


Y ou have to make your dress pattern according to your body type and by using the Lutterloh system of pattern designing which basically takes care of all the needs for pattern making. Another important aspect is making a pattern draft by downloading such software which enables you to make your calculations and make your measured drawing of sleeves, bodice, neckline, cuts and drawstrings which would give you your dream dress.

There are two curves that you mainly need to use called the Tailor's Curve that is a curve measuring 18"L (approx) for making collars, armholes, necklines, skirts, trousers and the Designer's Curve which is 23"L (approx) for shirts, sleeves, trousers,   and shorts. You must learn how to use these curves from manuals or pattern making seminars and videos.

Your know-how

You should try your work first on a muslin cloth that is practice the cut of the neck and then try it on the actual fabric you are working on. The pattern making system ensures the usage of the Lutterloh system which has to be mastered by you in order to make your dress pattern. This is your hobby so you don't need to rush and know that you are prone to make mistakes.

You need to have set of rulers, set squares, large sheets of paper, and pattern designing software which support such calculations. It is recommended to use such and not a calculator or manually because it may subject to a wrong calculations which would mean repeating the entire work.

Knowing about patterns

Design your own sewing patterns by the use of guidebooks, manuals and demonstrative articles and videos. You can also buy DVDs that provide a detailed instruction of making dress patterns and can attend seminars on pattern designing where you can join others on a cutting table and workshops to enhance your sewing and designing skills.

If you always had a complaint that your dresses don't fit you according to your body measurements then now is the time to forget such qualms and set your eyes on pattern making which will give you what you desire.

In order to design dresses for yourself you need to incorporate these tools and learn their perfect usage. What you are going to make is purely creative, new and your design which will give you a satisfaction that cannot be shown through the window of word

Affordable Prom Dresses - Try These Places and Get A Great Dress

Every girl wants that special prom dress that will make her stand out from her peers and classmates on her special night; but having affordable prom  are great too. It just may be the second most important dress she will ever wear. However, in these tough economic times parents may find it difficult to spend a considerable amount of money on a dress that may only be worn once. With a dress that costs you a fraction of the costs you will have left over money to buy accessories, shoes and maybe some extra money for prom night activities.

The best places to find affordable prom dresses are consignment shops, outlet malls, clearance racks or department stores or even someone you may know. Before going to any of the other options try to find a dress on the clearance rack. You may think that you will not find anything but you can actually find some great deals. If you think the store will not have anything in your style or tastes ask the salesperson. They will definitely help you find something. You can also check the bridal and prom stores for affordable prom dresses. There are some great evening gowns in these places that beat out the normal dresses. Plus if they are considered out of season you can get them for a great deal.

Outlet malls are also a great place to search. These places have the best designer clothing for a fraction of the costs. They usually get clothing that is being discontinued or because the brand store wanted to make room for new clothing. Make sure that you use any store or outlet mall coupons to get even more of a savings.

Consignment shops also have some great dresses. Most people only wear evening gowns once. So instead of throwing them away they donate or sell them to consignment shop. Do not be surprised if you find a designer dress worth thousands at a consignment shop. Some of the gowns may still have tags on them because they have never been worn.

Before you buy the run of the mill prom dress for a huge amount, look at these options to find an affordable prom dress. It will save money and you will still look stylish. You do not even have to tell everyone where you got your dress or how much it was. If you do decide to divulge your secrets they will be amazed at the great bargain you got for a fantastic dress.

How to Pick a Dress Style That Is the Most Flattering for Your Body Shape

Every woman wants to pick a dress style which fits her body very much. However, it not only depends on your body, but also your face shape. You should know well about your body proportions and your face shape. Only understand that you can find the suitable styles of your  Here are some guidelines for you to find your best styles.

Different body shapes are mainly classified into three categories; endomorphs, well-balanced person, ectomorphs. It can be specific classified in to pear shape, apple shape, and hourglass, and ruler types. Not everyone has a perfect body shape. If you like your body shape, you are obviously not the ordinary person; you have a good body shape. Congratulations! It is said that the perfect body shape is an oval shaped face and well-proportioned body with tallish height, so most of us haven't the perfect body shape, but we can also find the right style which fit us.

If you are a pear shape person, you shouldn't wear short or medium tops and layered tops, especially when you have stout legs; it will make you look fatter than you really are. You'd better wear sundresses or long tops, because this kind of women often has round faces and large thighs and hips. A suitable sundress will conceal your large hips and thighs and makes you look cute. Long tops without wrinkle makes you look thinner than you actually are and look nice too.

If you are an apple shape person, in order to weaken your waist appearance, you can enhance your legs and neck so as to attract people's eyes. You should wear comparatively large pants with long overcoat tops or tent dress when summer comes. You should also pay attention to the select of color, you'd better choose a lighter tops and a darker pants or you can wear a tent dress with black tights; it is looks great too. You can have a try!

If you are the hourglass shape body person, first, you should know what is hourglass shape body? It means that your upper part and your lower part almost have the same width and length. In fact, many movies star have this type of body, But you should know this: your body bright light is your waist, so you should enhance your advantages. You can wear a jumpsuit with a skinny belt; your body will be perfectly appeared. Meanwhile, you can wear all kinds of skirts and jeans and pants. Even more, you have the potential to dress like a star!

If you are a ruler shape person, ruler shape person means your waist and your whole body have the same width, and this type of person often has small bust. You can wear shirts with curves or jacket with small lapel or wear dress with waistcoat. Anyway, you should be confident and you will be the

Yellow Cocktail Dress - Sizzle the Evening

One of the most interesting, and at the same time, most annoying parts of a woman's life is the amount of time it takes her to look perfect. Be it a casual outing, a small get together or a glamorous evening party, she always feels the need to be dressed perfectly. There is a lot of pressure from the society as well. Nobody ever forgives a person who appears at a party looking sloppy and disorganised. Thus, it is absolutely essential that you have at least a few party dresses that always look hot and trendy, no matter what the current trend of the season is.

Yellow cocktail dresses are the perfect choice when you want to look sexy, glamorous and cool at the same time. These clothes come in various styles and designs. You can get outfits made of silk, lace and which may have a self print, or which may be embroidered with black or white lace, and have a black or a white bodice. Yellow cocktail dresses are extremely sexy, and are also available in a wide choice of material. You can go for synthetic, cotton, silk, lacy, woollen or satin depending on your choice.

Yellow cocktail dresses are the best choice when you want to break out of the conventional black or white colours that are usually chosen for a formal evening party. They look extremely hot, and ensure that you will stand out in the crowd. Get ready to attract some major attention and appraising looks from everyone at the party when you walk into it in one of these sizzlers. Yellow cocktail dresses ensure that you look absolutely stunning and smoking hot. These can also be obtained in a dainty lady like knee length falling style, or in a sexy, fitting, mid thigh length style

ABBA Fancy Dress Costumes - 4 Accessories to Help Make the Perfect Agnetha Outfit

ABBA fancy dress costumes are extremely popular at all different types of costume parties, including Halloween, New Year's Eve, seventies themed discos and Carwash night clubs.

There are of course ABBA fancy dress costumes for Frida, Benny and Bjorn available, but perhaps not surprisingly it is the Agnetha outfit that most of the ladies go for.

If you go to a specialist seventies or ABBA fancy dress website, I am sure that you will be able to find a great looking Agnetha outfit to go to the party in. However, below are my top 4 accessory tips to help turn your costume into the perfect Agnetha outfit.

Blonde Abba Wig

Agnetha was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rock stars that ever lived and her wonderful long blonde hair played a big part in that. There are numerous suitable blonde wigs available online and I believe that unless you naturally have long blonde hair, then this is an essential accessory to go with your outfit. In particular, look for the ABBA blonde wig that is available at most specialist fancy dress web sites and which really looks like Agnetha's hairstyle in the mid-seventies.

Make up

When it comes to wearing make-up, my advice is to go to YouTube and have a look at the eye shadows and lipstick that Agnetha wore   during the live ABBA concerts in the mid-seventies. Remember, this was the decade of glam rock and so make up plays a big part in recreating the desired look. Agnetha often wore quite heavy silver eye shadow, so you may need to buy a similar colour from your favourite brand. You may also want to consider getting some glossy black eyelashes to complete the look.

Glitter microphone

When ABBA played live, Agnetha would usually sing into one of those silver microphones that were popular in the seventies with the glittering round head. It is possible to purchase a glitter microphone online, measuring approximately 12" in length, and with the glitter effect it looks quite realistic from a distance. With microphone in hand you will be able to belt out those classic hits when on the dance floor at the party.

Ladies white platform boots

As with most costumes, the right footwear can make a huge difference to the overall look of the outfit. This is especially so with ABBA fancy dress costumes where a pair of white knee-high platform boots will complete your outfit perfectly. These are a high quality product and so do not come cheap, but if you have the budget then the ladies white platform boots come highly recommende

Does a Wedding Dress Have to Be White? In recent years, fashion is becoming more and more unconventional and people are increasingly concerned by whether what they are wearing is considered fashionable. However, for me, one of the few things that nev

In recent years, fashion is becoming more and more unconventional and people are increasingly concerned by whether what they are wearing is considered fashionable. However, for me, one of the few things that never change is that people want to married. Many young girls have the dream of getting married and to be wearing a white wedding dress on their special day.

However, in recent years, fewer and fewer are opting to tie the knot due to fewer long term relationships and the large cost of having the wedding they want. Moreover, the percentage of women choosing to get married in coloured dresses is gradually increasing. There are a number of reasons for this growing change. Ironically, one of the reasons for more coloured is that the fact that more coloured wedding dresses are available. Before, there simply was not the same selection as with white dresses and the dresses were seldom of the same quality. Secondly, coloured dresses do tend to be considerably cheaper than their white counterparts. With the worsening financial situation, numerous women are favouring the cheaper option over the more traditional white dress.

However, I still feel that a wedding is not the same unless the bride is in white. In an age of change and even themed weddings, my view is a somewhat traditional one. Yes, white dresses are considerably more expensive, you do only get married once and it is worth spending that extra bit of money so hopefully your own wedding day can be as special as possible. Ultimately, some people choose coloured as a matter of taste but for many it is for financial reasons. If you have the money then, there is nothing better than a white dress

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