How to Pick a Dress Style That Is the Most Flattering for Your Body Shape

Every woman wants to pick a dress style which fits her body very much. However, it not only depends on your body, but also your face shape. You should know well about your body proportions and your face shape. Only understand that you can find the suitable styles of your  Here are some guidelines for you to find your best styles.

Different body shapes are mainly classified into three categories; endomorphs, well-balanced person, ectomorphs. It can be specific classified in to pear shape, apple shape, and hourglass, and ruler types. Not everyone has a perfect body shape. If you like your body shape, you are obviously not the ordinary person; you have a good body shape. Congratulations! It is said that the perfect body shape is an oval shaped face and well-proportioned body with tallish height, so most of us haven't the perfect body shape, but we can also find the right style which fit us.

If you are a pear shape person, you shouldn't wear short or medium tops and layered tops, especially when you have stout legs; it will make you look fatter than you really are. You'd better wear sundresses or long tops, because this kind of women often has round faces and large thighs and hips. A suitable sundress will conceal your large hips and thighs and makes you look cute. Long tops without wrinkle makes you look thinner than you actually are and look nice too.

If you are an apple shape person, in order to weaken your waist appearance, you can enhance your legs and neck so as to attract people's eyes. You should wear comparatively large pants with long overcoat tops or tent dress when summer comes. You should also pay attention to the select of color, you'd better choose a lighter tops and a darker pants or you can wear a tent dress with black tights; it is looks great too. You can have a try!

If you are the hourglass shape body person, first, you should know what is hourglass shape body? It means that your upper part and your lower part almost have the same width and length. In fact, many movies star have this type of body, But you should know this: your body bright light is your waist, so you should enhance your advantages. You can wear a jumpsuit with a skinny belt; your body will be perfectly appeared. Meanwhile, you can wear all kinds of skirts and jeans and pants. Even more, you have the potential to dress like a star!

If you are a ruler shape person, ruler shape person means your waist and your whole body have the same width, and this type of person often has small bust. You can wear shirts with curves or jacket with small lapel or wear dress with waistcoat. Anyway, you should be confident and you will be the

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