Make Your Own Dress Patterns

Which designer dress does not fill us with a sense of like and subsequent want, but it may always not be affordable. If you are thinking that no dresses are the ones that give you a perfect fit or are not according to the design you want then get hold of pattern making tools and make your own dress patterns! Nothing is difficult in this world and you get adequate information and working tools online as well as manuals to learn pattern designing that's going to give you that ultimate beautiful dress you always wanted. Instead of waiting learn this sewing art and get going!


Y ou have to make your dress pattern according to your body type and by using the Lutterloh system of pattern designing which basically takes care of all the needs for pattern making. Another important aspect is making a pattern draft by downloading such software which enables you to make your calculations and make your measured drawing of sleeves, bodice, neckline, cuts and drawstrings which would give you your dream dress.

There are two curves that you mainly need to use called the Tailor's Curve that is a curve measuring 18"L (approx) for making collars, armholes, necklines, skirts, trousers and the Designer's Curve which is 23"L (approx) for shirts, sleeves, trousers,   and shorts. You must learn how to use these curves from manuals or pattern making seminars and videos.

Your know-how

You should try your work first on a muslin cloth that is practice the cut of the neck and then try it on the actual fabric you are working on. The pattern making system ensures the usage of the Lutterloh system which has to be mastered by you in order to make your dress pattern. This is your hobby so you don't need to rush and know that you are prone to make mistakes.

You need to have set of rulers, set squares, large sheets of paper, and pattern designing software which support such calculations. It is recommended to use such and not a calculator or manually because it may subject to a wrong calculations which would mean repeating the entire work.

Knowing about patterns

Design your own sewing patterns by the use of guidebooks, manuals and demonstrative articles and videos. You can also buy DVDs that provide a detailed instruction of making dress patterns and can attend seminars on pattern designing where you can join others on a cutting table and workshops to enhance your sewing and designing skills.

If you always had a complaint that your dresses don't fit you according to your body measurements then now is the time to forget such qualms and set your eyes on pattern making which will give you what you desire.

In order to design dresses for yourself you need to incorporate these tools and learn their perfect usage. What you are going to make is purely creative, new and your design which will give you a satisfaction that cannot be shown through the window of word

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